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Would you love to run group classes that are full of thriving students?


KeyNotes Music is a ground-breaking group program, that provides training, materials and resources, so that you can deliver outstanding piano classes to group students, from age 3 to adults!



KeyNotes Music is a program designed specifically for group teaching, for students age 3 to adult.

With topic-based levelled workbooks, that take learners through the fundamentals of piano, KeyNotes gives teachers the means to deliver the most outstanding group classes, where every learner both collaborates and thrives.


My name is Melanie Bowes and I am the founder of KeyNotes Music. 

And how about you?

Maybe you are a seasoned group teacher, looking for some solutions for your current classes, or maybe you are new to group teaching. Or are you a studio owner, looking to offer a high-quality group program to both serve your community and raise your revenue. 

Either way you might be wondering: do I really need a specific group program to teach group piano? 

We think so and here are some reasons to choose KeyNotes Music:

  • You will notice that a linear and traditional method is not suited to groups, due to students not all moving along the line at the same pace. So you need to be able to offer different progress rates but still keep your students learning together. We use a system of differentiation and challenge levels to make sure that everyone is playing at a level that is suited to them, but are able to play together with their class, no matter which challenge level they choose.
  • Many that choose to use their 1-1 method books, decide to teach their students 1-1 within their groups. These are called lab classes and do not allow you to offer all the benefits that group piano has to offer. By teaching and learning together, all those benefits are indeed realised. We understand why you would be concerned about the rate of progress, but we absolutely have the solution.
  • Our topic and story-based approach is engaging for groups of children. They can play games, sing songs, move, dance and play together to illustrate the topics and stories that we have set. They love their KeyNotes classes because they are relevant, interesting and super fun.
  • We have a clear set of objectives for each program. You monitor each child against these objectives so that you know when and whether they are ready for the next program. You can also use these objectives to feedback to parents on how they are getting on and what their next steps are to progress.
  • Lastly, this is not just a series of method books. You get teacher training, marketing materials, admin support, backing tracks, parent practice videos, social media images, the list goes on. Basically you get everything you need to deliver group piano classes to children age 3 to adult.

Oh and you also get the support of hundreds of other teachers also using the KeyNotes Music program, as well as me; I am always on hand to answer questions, point you towards resources and training you may need and generally hear your plans, your wins, your concerns and your joy. I will be right there with you.

What's included in the KeyNotes Program?


Teacher Training

We have provided self-paced, in-your-own-time/need, training videos that cover all manner of topics around group piano and how to best approach it. These include an extensive workbook for those new to groups, and for those transitioning their groups to KeyNotes.

Seven Programs

You have access to materials for five different programs, ranging from 3-year olds, to adults, beginner to intermediate. These include workbooks, games, accompaniments, and more. Each program uses a cyclical structure and has five workbooks, each book lasting 12 weeks.

Studio Management Suport

From Admin templates, to branding and marketing tips, there is a whole section of the site dedicated to managing your group classes within your studio. Promo videos and social media images have been created in order to make your marketing job effortless.

Teacher Community

Join our community of teachers, sharing wins, getting advice and asking questions. We have an International community of KeyNotes teachers who are dedicated to teaching the most outstanding and innovative groups possible!


Want to Learn More?

Download our teacher information brochure to learn more about each of the programs, our general learning philosophy and what you get for your license.

What problems do group teachers face?

Group Teachers:

  • Setting the pace of learning so that it is suitable for ALL students in your group is impossible. 
  • Offering flexibility and a variety of approaches for different learning styles and characteristics can be very difficult, and is a constant consideration.
  • You may find yourself going through a book designed for 1:1 students and simply allowing students to move through it at their own pace - so that you end up teaching lots of mini private lessons, NOT collaborative groups.
  • Group teachers often find themselves working week-to-week with no overarching plan, learning objectives or levels for students to move through.
  • Teachers spend copious amounts of time searching for endless resources and taking up much of the week planning. So the extra income earned from teaching groups is actually not extra income at all.
  • Teachers are concerned that parents won't be on board with group classes, and will opt for individuals only.

KeyNotes Teachers:

  • Every song has a plan for differentiation, with several challenge levels that differ in difficulty and skill. This means all learners move at their own pace, but still staying on the same song together.
  • Our programs are designed to reach all different learning styles and develop essential learner characteristics, to ensure that every student thrives.
  • Our cyclical curriculum structure, alongside our system of differentiation, means that students can work collaboratively at all times, and can join established groups in-year.
  • There is a clear overarching plan for each program, and skills that should be evidenced before moving to the next program.
  • All resources are in ONE place! No need to go searching anywhere else! Plus this gives students a cohesive learning experience.
  • We have worked hard on our messaging and communicating of the benefits of groups, so your parents will be on board with your mission.

-Step 1-

Read our brochure - you will find details of the program, pedagogy approach, cost etc.


-Step 2-

Book a call with Founder, Melanie Bowes (‚¨áÔłŹ).

-Step 3-

Following the call you will be sent a link to join the program.



If you know you are ready to offer our programs, you can become a member here:


Single Program License


Choose ONE program from the following:

  • Pre-Notes
  • Little KeyNotes
  • Storytellers
  • (KeyNotes Play, Connections and Foundations will be available as single licenses soon)

Full Program License


Most Popular

  • All seven programs (Pre-Notes, Little KeyNotes, Storytellers, KeyNotes Play, Connections, Foundations, Progressions)
  • Teacher Training (self-paced group piano training)
  • Onboarding strategy call with Founder, Melanie Bowes
  • Marketing resources
  • Song Library
  • Games Library
  • Seasonal Lessons
  • Parent Support and Admin templates

Full License PLUS


Everything in our full license plus:

  • 2-hours LIVE and bespoke teacher training per month with Founder Melanie Bowes (perfect for multi-teacher studios)
  • Accreditation and¬†special license for your studio
  • Multiple location license
  • Limited spots available

Book a call with Founder, Melanie Bowes, to learn more.


Book a call with Founder Melanie Bowes

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