A Pioneering Group Piano Program

KeyNotes Music provides lessons to nurture the whole musician through our innovative, fun and inspiring curriculum.


"What a fantastic new concept! My child has so much more fun than I did learning the piano!"

KeyNotes Music Parent

Our Mission

We deliver piano lessons that nurture a love of music and piano learning

Our program is designed to ensure that all learners are supported and challenged as individuals in a group setting

We believe in learning creatively and through creativity. Our curriculum includes composition, listening and storytelling through playing

Our students thrive in the social setting that group piano offers

Your Vision

You are a creative teacher who would love to teach your beginners in an innovative group setting

You are a parent who can see how responsive your child is to music and you want to find a way to nurture and grow their love for music

You understand the importance of music and instrumental learning in a child's life both in terms of emotional wellbeing and intellectual development

You can see how innovative learning piano in a group is, you just need a program to teach/sign your child up to!


"These lessons are a dream to teach! Clear lesson plans, consistent structure for the kids (and the teacher!) and families that are loving their group piano lessons so much that I am growing my studio simply through word of mouth!" KeyNotes Music Teacher 

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