Pioneering Group Piano Classes

At KeyNotes Music we provide classes that bring together all the benefits of learning in a group, with the individual approach that ensures that every learner thrives.

Let's get you started:

Emily Hilson, Teacher


"The progression, the differentiation, the workbooks, the support, the value... I can highly recommend KeyNotes.

The kids love it, the parents love it and I love it. I say go for it. I certainly haven't looked back! "

Amy Rochelle, Teacher


"I would definitely recommend KeyNotes to anyone, it's a wonderful inclusive curriculum... this is a program that is ready to go from as soon as you join, there is pretty much nothing for you to do. The subscription price itself is a wonderful value!"

Alison Dodd, Teacher


"I would whole-heartedly recommend Keynotes for group teaching. It's amazing, check it out. It really celebrates and makes the most of being in a group. And as a teacher, so much is provided in terms of materials, resources, training (there's a video for every lesson!), Practise sheets and videos to send home for parents. It's life-changing."