Little KeyNotes - Ages 4-5

Animal Alphabet

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Animal Alphabet introduces each of the notes of the keyboard and letters through cute animals and their songs. Basic rhythms, finger numbers and lots of colouring and singing all make this a great starter to your group lessons!

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We all love minibeasts (some of us from a distance!) and the students love to sing all sorts of songs about spiders, ants and more! There are lots of opportunities for finger-play games and all of the letters of the keyboard are introduced one-by-one.

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Under the Sea

Under the Sea takes students through many different ocean creatures with songs to inspire their imaginations, and support for differentiation and challenge. Notes are introduced more quickly and pieces are slightly more complex than for workbooks 1 and 2.

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Weather Songs

Weather songs looks at all different sorts of weather through songs and pieces that your students will love to play! Like with Under the Sea, the pieces are slightly more challenging. There are also listening and composing tasks.

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