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Group Lessons, Individual Progress

Creative Learning, Joyful Experiences

Cyclical Structure, Secure Foundations

Our Mission


We deliver piano classes that nurture a love of music and piano learning


Our program is designed to ensure that all learners are supported and challenged as individuals within a group setting, giving the benefits of peer learning, with individualised instruction


We believe in learning through creativity. Our programs include composition, listening and storytelling through playing


Your students will thrive in the social setting that group piano offers


Your Vision

  • You are a creative teacher who would love to teach your beginners in an innovative group setting.

  • You want to make more impact than you can when just teaching individuals - more students, less of your precious time, and never having to turn away lesson requests!

  • You can see how innovative learning piano in a group is, you just need a program to teach!

Our Programs

We have a variety of programs to suit your studio's growth.

Little KeyNotes is our program for 4-5 year olds, where an age-appropriate play-based approach is used to learn short two-bar phrases, using 5-finger positions and a lot of songs and games! A pre-reader stave is used.

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Storytellers is our program for beginners age 6+. Our songs punctuate the story and we use musical elements and piano techniques to illustrate. Piano foundations are embedded using a pre-reader stave.

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Our Foundations program is split into two parts, 1 and 2. Foundations One focuses on treble clef reading, and Foundations Two on bass clef reading. Students learn a mix of solo and ensemble repertoire.

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KeyNotes Has All the Tools You Need To Build A Successful Group Piano Program

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