KeyNotes Music Group Piano Classes

Pioneering group piano classes where children have the benefit of learning with their peers, while progressing as an individual

Our Story

KeyNotes Music first launched in April 2016, with very specific aims, and like so many innovations, a need to fill a gap.

When Melanie Bowes, a school music teacher, had children of her own, she knew that she wanted music to be a big part of their lives, and this was easy when they were babies and toddlers, due to the many classes available for this age!

However as they got older, Melanie realised there was very little choice to continue with their musical experiences, at least not until they were quite a bit older, and could begin formal instrumental instruction. 

Having embarked on a very particular path for her own children, namely taking lessons in the Suzuki method, where children are able to start young but there is a huge commitment on the part of both the student and the parent, Melanie's mum friends began asking after these music lessons, but on finding out more, they didn't want to commit quite as much as they would need to!

So Melanie decided to start her own group piano classes! Learning in small groups in an age-appropriate and creative way, that would fill the gap for the ages 4-6 year olds who were too young for formal instruction.

Over the five years since KeyNotes Music launched, it has become so much more than a program for little learners, with many choosing to continue learning in their groups way beyond the beginner stages.

In June 2019, KeyNotes Music launched a license subscription for other teachers to use the program in their own studios, and now there are KeyNotes classes being taught in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Meet Our Founder, Melanie Bowes

Melanie Bowes is a UK-based music teacher who has spent much of her career teaching in secondary/high schools, but moved into group piano teaching after starting her own family.

Having had a childhood full of music-making opportunities, she is determined that every child needs and deserves music in their lives, and has always focused on how to make music learning accessible for more children.

Melanie studied Music at Durham University, whose music department is the best in the country, and enjoyed a wide variety of courses, from Wagner's Ring Cycle to her favourite, Ethnomusicology.

As well as designing the KeyNotes Music program, Melanie has completed an MA in Music Education, for which she gained a distinction, and is currently undertaking a PhD, with research focusing on group piano learning.

We can't wait to nurture your child's love of music and the piano.

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