Why Offer Our Lessons?


A creative group piano curriculum that nurtures every student through opportunities to compose, describe, listen, perform and generally engage with music, the piano and each other to give the most enriching educational experience.


Each of our workbooks is based around a story or a theme, with attractive illustrations and creative tasks associated with each topic.


A versatile group piano syllabus that allows you to choose the workbooks that are best suited to your students and guides you on how to differentiate your approach for each individual.


The structure of our curriculum is designed to offer maximum flexibility to your studio, enabling you to move your students to different levels based on their progress, and even allows for new students to join you at any point in the semester.


An instructional group piano curriculum that provides clear learning objectives for each lesson, learning aims for each level and allows teachers, parents and students to monitor progress and expectations with relation to objectives and aims.


All of our workbooks have an associated set of lesson plans to ensure you are able to deliver the curriculum to its full potential. 


A consistent group piano curriculum that offers clear design, structure and pedagogical content to ensure that students are getting a coherent and systematic experience within their piano learning.


For the student, familiarity enables potential to be fulfilled; for the teacher, no more pulling resources from lots of different sources, which can make for an erratic learning environment. 


A branded group piano curriculum that supports you to ensure your families and local community fall in love with the KeyNotes journey that you are delivering.


We work closely with a creative branding agency to ensure that we deliver a consistent and engaging user experience, and to provide the tools to help you to market, teach and embrace the best group lessons in your community.

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