The Nutcracker - Mini Workbook

This wonderful mini workbook, based on the story of The Nutcracker, includes games, listening tasks, pieces and a composition. Specifically designed for groups, this Christmas workbook is suitable for ages 4+ and includes differentiation so that all of your learners will thrive! It can also be easily adapted for one-to-one lessons.

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The Workbook

Our Nutcracker workbook contains theory and listening tasks, three pieces, and a composition. Professionally designed and using extracts from the story, the workbook will take your students on a Christmas adventure! The songs are original compositions, which use elements that can help students to think about music and intention. Extracts from the ballet are used as listening exercises!

NEW - We have now added a Reader version in addition to our Pre-reader version.


There are games to consolidate understanding in keyboard geography, finger numbers, and rhythms. Our games are in line with the theme of The Nutcracker, giving a cohesive and fun learning experience! Your students are going to love labelling their presents with gift tags!

Lesson Videos

As well as written lesson plans, you will also get detailed lesson videos. Founder, Melanie Bowes, will take you through each element of the workbook and games, so that you can be confident that you are utilising the group framework that KeyNotes has designed, in the most impactful way for your groups.