Prep & Launch.

This is an exclusive package for teachers yet to launch groups, where you get the programs, the support and the confidence you need to launch your beginner classes.

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We know that you want to start your beginner pianists in groups

You want a more efficient way to grow your music studio, rather than continually taking on beginner students in a 1:1 model. You still want to be able to teach 1:1, but you need a better feeder program that won't have you overextending yourself in terms of teaching hours. You also don't want to have to turn away beginners because you have no space, or because the group you have set up already got started and they won't catch up.

But it feels like there is a lot to do.

Plus, the financial investment you need to make before you even get started, is causing you some concerns.

We want to help.

Introducing Prep & Launch

We are giving you this opportunity to elevate your business, to teach in a pioneering way, and to give your beginner students the best start.

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What is Prep & Launch?

Prep & Launch is our limited-time exclusive package, designed to help teachers like you, get your beginner groups up and running. You will get full access to the innovative KeyNotes Music program which includes:

  • Three programs, two specifically designed for beginner groups (Little KeyNotes, ages 4-5 and Storytellers ages 6+)
  • Our systems of cyclical learning structures and differentiated challenges enabling each individual to thrive, and flexible in-year enrollment for your studio
  • Group teacher training
  • Studio management resources including onboarding and templates
  • Social media support
  • Games (linked to lesson objectives for each workbook)
  • Seasonal one-off lessons and mini workbooks (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc)
  • Support of Founder, Melanie Bowes, and fellow KeyNotes colleagues
  • Parent support including practice videos

In our Prep & Launch package you will get:

  • 50% off for the first 3 months of your KeyNotes subscription 

    (before moving to the full subscription price in month 4 - don't forget you can cancel at any time)

  • Full use of training and all our licensed programs

  • 3 Group coaching calls with Founder, Melanie Bowes and guests

  • All the materials, resources and support you need to finally launch your group classes

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Case Studies

We have seen many teachers, just like you, ponder groups, knowing that it makes both educational and business sense. But they struggled to know how to launch them, what to teach, how to manage a range of learners.

Until they found KeyNotes Music.

Emily was teaching toddler groups (up to age 3) and 1:1 piano lessons (from age 6) but had a clear gap where she couldn't provide for children aged 3-6. She launched her KeyNotes classes and now teaches 8 classes across three days.

Alex in Australia, contemplated groups for over a year before finding KeyNotes and launching her groups. She loves teaching her KeyNotes classes and has a waiting list of eager beginners to call upon!

Chelsea is out most recent joiner and she has launched six group classes using the KeyNotes program, in only 1 month! She says that her and her students are having a blast!

KeyNotes is not just a method, it's a business and it works.

It works because it is specifically designed for groups. Because it gives you the tools to nurture individual learners within your groups. Because it allows for in-year enrollment into each class. And because it has a structure and a clear progression that enables you to ensure that each learner is building secure foundations.

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Prep & Launch is currently closed.

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