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Pre-school PowerPoints for Engaging Online Lessons


Teaching your 4-5 year olds online can be somewhat of a challenge when it comes to keeping them engaged and focused on the lesson right? This age group has perhaps been the most difficult to keep motivated in our online lessons. 


We have found that POWERPoints power up our pre-school lessons with sound effects, animations and activities designed specifically for online learning!


These PowerPoints have animation, fun games and activities, and cover foundations of piano learning such as keyboard geography, finger numbers and basic rhythms, as well as general musical elements.

These FIVE PowerPoints will give you five weeks' worth of lesson content. And they can be used with ANY method book as they are activities that can be used alongside what you already do.

The activities in the PowerPoints offer a variety of opportunities for playing, listening, demonstrating knowledge and understanding, and covering a wide rage of general music topics. See above video for a taste of what is in the PowerPoints.

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The PowerPoints

There are FIVE PowerPoints included:


1) Chugga Chugga Choo Choo! Go on a train ride, fast or slow, loud or soft!


2) It's Winter! We are going to roll some snowballs with our different finger numbers as well as many other winter-themed piano activities!


3) Ready, Set, Go! We are racing up the piano and being speedy note finders in this lesson!


4) Teddy Bear. Student can sing and play to their favourite teddy bear in addition to other piano activities!


5) We Love Pets. Everyone can share their pets (whether real or not!) and carry out piano activities with a dog, bunny, fish and cat!


BONUS 1: 💜  Valentine's PowerPoint that you can use in your NEXT LESSON!
BONUS 2: Easter Lesson for you to use at the end of March!