Why Do We Require Half a Term's Notice?

Hopefully you have noticed on our terms and conditions that we require half a term's notice should you wish to discontinue your KeyNotes lessons. This is a pretty boring but very important blog post about why we ask for this, in the hope that parents will understand and help us to keep our planning and organisation of our lessons as straightforward as possible! Here are our four reasons:

1) Planning who is in each class takes much thought and consideration - who is ready to move to the next level of workbooks, who is friends with whom, who could do with another term in the current level, consolidating their knowledge and skills; or maybe parents have asked for a time change for logistical reasons. The success of the group dynamic relies on having a group of children who are of a similar knowledge and skill-level, who are friendly with each other and confident in front of each other: this all takes time for some children to build. We start all this planning for each term, during the previous half term and make sure we get it right - if someone then suddenly pulls out of lessons at the end of the term, all of our planning is thrown out, particularly in our locations where our classes are completely full!

2) If our classes are full, or close to, we may decide to add a new class as we consider there to be a demand for one. We will make this decision at half term, for the following term, in order to put everything in place with the schools that we hire our rooms from. If the full classes then have children being pulled out at the end of term, there was no need for us to add a new one and we may now have two half full classes which are difficult to justify financially.

3) We believe it is our job as parents and teachers to help our children to learn perseverance and commitment as this is such an important life-skill, particularly in this fast-paced, technological world we now live in, where instant gratification is the norm. This point applies to any extra-curricular activity; one cannot expect children to learn to persevere and grow their attention span unless they help them to commit to their activities. It takes time to get to the stage where you believe yourself to really be mastering a skill, and sadly many children don't get passed the very first stages in any one activity, so never know the true benefits of working hard at a skill and feeling like they have achieved something! I know from my own kids that once they have had a break from routine (i.e. during a school holiday), it can be difficult for them to get back into one and may claim not to want to go back to their extra-curricular activities; however I always find that once they are back into the swing of things they love it again!

4) We work hard to create a wonderful, inspiring, progressive piano learning curriculum for your children, and communication with parents is so important to the success of this; so please do let us know your thoughts and plans well in advance!

If at half term you are unsure about whether you want to give notice or not, please do have a chat with one of us about your concerns and we will see if we can help. Obviously we hope that you and your child will enjoy many more terms with us!

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