Easter Lesson Ideas

Easter is just around the corner and it lends itself so well to some lovely creative lesson activities! Here is just a quick post to give you some ideas for some upcoming Easter fun!

Bunny hop, bunny jump

Get some coloured masking tape and make five lines along the floor (into a stave). This task will vary based on the age and experience of those in your class.

For younger ones (3-5) - take a bunny (toy) and ask a student to bounce it from line to line, choosing whichever line they like, and you play a series of corresponding notes (I played notes of the C major chord, first line C, second line E etc.) to match their bounces.

For older children (and for younger ones who are able to) - use the same notes for each line and play them for the student, who has to move the bunny to the corresponding line.

For even older/more experienced children, the notes could be the actual notes of the stave and you could play notes for which they have to move the bunny to the correct note (spaces and lines), mixing up whether they move by step or leap.

Once each child has had a go with the bunny, ask all students to be the bunny and play the same game again, going up and down by step and leap.

Easter Egg Hunt

Find some fillable plastic eggs, some small chocolate eggs and some scrabble letters. You could first of all hide all of the eggs and get students to do a big hunt, putting all the eggs back into the basket.

Then you can hide one egg, get a student to find it (making sure all the other children in the class have seen where it is hidden, and have everyone on the piano playing a note of a chord. As the student

gets closer to the egg ("warmer"), the students play louder and faster, as they move away from the egg ("colder") we play more quietly and slowly (I can't claim this as my own idea, my children did this at their Suzuki group lesson and they loved it!). Once they have found the egg, they can open it up and take the scrabble letter out, which they should place on the corresponding note on the piano (or stave for older children). They then get to take the chocolate egg home!

Compare the buns!

Take an Easter song, for example "Hot Cross Buns" and play two different versions (make sure they really are quite different, I like to use one with kids singing, guitar, drums etc, and one lullaby, solo piano version).

Ask students to compare the two versions and think about who they may have been made for and why (children singing: made for young children, lively, upbeat etc; lullaby: made for babies, soft, high, calm piano music).

Performing an Easter Song

Choose an Easter song for children to learn and perform. I have a version of "Hot Cross Buns" (which includes the listening task from above). If you would like a copy, download here (this version has the octave leap at the start). For the very young learners, I asked half the class to play a high G, half to play a low G and I played the C, then we sang the rest!

For extra fun, if a student was the one using the bunny, or doing the Easter egg hunt, they wore an Easter bonnet!

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own Easter lessons!

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