Autumn Term Curriculum

Wonder what we will be doing this term in our KeyNotes Music lessons? Here is a summary:

Little KeyNotes (ages 4-5) - Minibeasts

Our theme for this term is 'Minibeasts' where children will learn to sing and play songs about all sorts of minibeasts! We sing about marching ants, scurrying beetles and creeping crawling spiders, learning to play our songs on the piano, performing them each as a solo and in a group. Each week the children learn or consolidate the notes of the keyboard, finger numbers and rhythms; we even manage to sneak in some finger exercises whilst playing about a flying fly! Towards the end of the workbook, children will compose their own piece about a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly and then we finish the workbook with an ensemble performance where we have three different parts going together!

We use finger-play songs to consolidate finger numbers used in piano playing:

We listen to music to begin developing an understanding of how music works and how we can describe its elements:

We are able to differentiate each song to make it suitable for each ability level:

Level 1 (ages 6-11) - The Gingerbread Man

Our story for our Level 1 students is "The Gingerbread Man". This story gives us the perfect opportunity to think about texture, what it means and how it is used in music. We have composed all the pieces, from Gingy himself, to the Pig and the Horse, to be played all together at the same time; thereby changing the texture (how many sounds can be heard) with each addition of the characters in the story. It will sound amazing when we get each child playing different characters all at the same time towards the end of term! There is a composing lesson where pupils will write a song for the part of the story where the fox takes the Gingerbread Man on his back for the swim across the river and eventually eats him - gulp!

As is in all our Level 1 workbooks, children will be learning/consolidating the notes of the keyboard, finger numbers, basic rhythms and elements of music.

We have some very catchy songs in this story! And of course lots of opportunity for differentiation. Here we can have one student playing the left hand only, one playing the right hand and another playing hands together.

We always use opportunities to think about a variety of musical elements, performance directions, dynamic markings etc:

Pre-School Classes

Our pre-schoolers will continue to think about the pattern of black notes on the keyboard, improvising on various note names, learning finger numbers and of course engaging with music through lots of listening, singing and playing!

If you would like to join us for this term, please see our locations page and then book your three-week trial through our booking page.

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