A Gap in the Market

KeyNotes Music was created when a few Mum friends, knowing that I am a music teacher, expressed their dismay that there didn't seem to be any opportunities in Music for primary-aged children unless you wanted to commit to, and pay for, one-to-one lessons; but their children were only 4 and too young to start, or they couldn't see themselves committing so much resource into one activity when their child wants to do everything! So, as many of these things start, I said I would set something up and so KeyNotes began.

Over two years have passed and the aim and mission for KeyNotes Music lessons is even clearer, and it is even more prevalent that we are filling a gap in the piano-learning market.

The gap exists for several reasons:

- There are many great Music programmes for babies, toddlers and even pre-schoolers; I myself enjoyed taking my son to Monkey Music, but they don't go beyond this age.

- Piano teachers don't tend to take children below the age of 6, some even 7, but we know that ages 3-5 are a key time for children to learn new information very quickly.

- Where piano teachers do take children below age 6, the children themselves do not always respond well to the one-to-one set-up, as learning at this age happens best in a group.

- Primary school budgets are at an all-time low at the moment and unfortunately things that are seen as "nice-to-have" are being compromised, music and sport being the main areas to suffer (obviously I believe both of those areas to be of crucial importance in children's lives but that is it's own blog post altogether!).

Parents always tell me the joy they have in seeing how their child responds to music - they know that this isn't just an extra-curricular activity, but one that is deep in their soul and wants nurturing. Emotional wellbeing is so important and is fostered through a relationship with music. Then there is all the research that points to the fact that music helps to build children's neural pathways, and so learning an instrument is good for developing intelligence!

So our mission is to provide early stages piano lessons in groups, using a creative curriculum which includes opportunities for singing, listening, composing, and performing, in the context of a story or theme, giving children foundations in piano playing, but also in general music appreciation. All this in a fun, relaxed environment where we make games out of theory work and where all our students are happy to perform!

If you would like to join us, have a look at our locations page, then book your three-week trial to see if your child loves our lessons as much as our current students!

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