Our workbooks are designed to last for a block of lessons and, although this is flexible, the ideal length is 12 lessons.


Beginners start at a level that is age-appropriate, but once passed the beginner stages, they are able to move up through the levels at their own pace. This leads to some logistical considerations when compiling your groups and this is the reason that we ask for a six-week notice period. 

Little KeyNotes lesson plans outline a 30-minute lessons and Level 1-3 lesson plans are ideal for 45-minute lessons. If you would like to make them longer, simply add games and review each piece from the previous lesson.

Versatility is of the utmost importance to us and this has ensured that our classes are always full and thriving. If you begin your group lessons without being at full capacity (whatever that might mean for you, for us it's 8 students), you are able to invite new trialers in at any point in the term or year. For example if 4 students have begun with Animal Alphabet and then the following semester (or block) they move onto Minibeasts, you are able to start new trialers with those more experienced students, differentiating your approach to make sure you are challenging those that have been learning for a semester, and supporting the new trialers.


Once a student is clearly ready for the next level you are able to move them - no need to move the whole class together. This flexibility is crucial for the success of group piano and has allowed all of our students' needs to be met.

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