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Start or up-level your group teaching with training, curriculum materials and the support of a whole KeyNotes teaching community!

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What is included in the KeyNotes Program

Core Training

All the training you need to either begin or continue your group piano professional development. You will learn about the KeyNotes teaching philosophy, as well as more generic information regarding how children learn, structuring a lesson, and managing behaviour.


You will have access to curriculum materials, which include over twenty workbooks, lesson plans, lists of resources and a training video for each and every lesson. Games specific to each topic are also included, as are certificates.

Marketing Matters

You will be able to choose stock photos, Facebook and Instagram posts, leaflets and many types of marketing materials. There is also a training video giving you advice on how to fill your classes.

Admin Assist

Support with admin, including swipe files, templates and a 90-day free trial with My Music Staff. We give you our admin hacks and a system that means you can spend as little time as possible on your admin!

Ongoing Support

We want to make sure you feel as supported and part of a team as you can possibly feel! Being a pioneer can be a lonely business, growing your group teaching with other like-minded teachers will be absolutely invaluable.


Awesome Teachers' Community

As part of the program, you will have access to a teaching community where discussions and forums are separated into key topics: Workbooks, Admin, Marketing, Pedagogy etc.

You are also able to comment underneath each and every video, resource and download, adding tips, tricks, questions and achievements!

The key point of difference...

There are a number of memberships out there that make your life easier. They provide you with resources or ideas. They help make what you are doing easier, more fun, more effective. And they are great.

The key point of difference with the KeyNotes Music program is that it is all of this and more. It is a revenue-generating all-in-one program. The high-quality curriculum, combined with the strong brand, plus the knowledge and experience that is behind this program, gives you everything you need to quickly set up - or continue to run - your own pioneering group piano lessons. What are you waiting for?


Here is a look at our members' site and program


"Had a BRILLIANT lesson last Saturday - kids were a bit crazy the week before (I blamed the weather - it was unusually windy and my 6-yr-old boy in Level1 was really hyper, might have been more to do with the ice-cream he'd eaten beforehand....) so I went in this week, you know, mentally-prepared, strategised-up to the hilt behaviour-wise and it was great. Didn't need it. I have to say, I got that lovely feeling at the end that, yep, these lessons are DAMN good - what KeyNotes is offering and doing for kids is amazing, so valuable. So Thank You for making it all possible! They all leave happy - me included. "

Alex Brewerton
Brisbane, Australia

Workbook Flip-through

Want to see an example of a workbook that you will have access to? Here is the first Little KeyNotes workbook that you will use. (And don't worry there are versions in both British-English and American-English!).


Why teach group Piano?

There are many reasons to teach group piano, here are a few of them:

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the membership you will get guidance on how to find a location that you can deliver your lessons in. We get creative with many different ideas and support you with templates that you can use to contact potential locations.

Well it all depends - do you find that planning your lessons takes a long time? Are you completely happy with what you are currently offering? Does the KeyNotes program solve some issues that you are currently experiencing? Then yes it is absolutely a great idea to switch over! Even though you are experienced, you will no doubt learn something new from the core training!

You can cancel at any time, but just bear in mind that you are not allowed to teach from any of our workbooks, or using the KeyNotes name, if you are no longer paying your monthly subscription.

We like to introduce skills and knowledge gradually and so students will begin with reading rhythms with letter names, finger numbers and use of the melodic contour. The 4-5 year olds begin in 5-finger C position, the older ones are less fixed. We introduce the idea of landmark notes. As they move through the levels, students learn to read the treble staff, and then bass. All the while they are thinking about how music can represent feelings, moods and characters through listening and composing tasks. Plus of course, lots of games and songs to consolidate theory and aural elements of music learning.

We have a teachers' community, plus we will be setting up our weekly live Zoom Q&A sessions. Melanie is always available both through the teachers' community, through comments on each item, and through the usual Facebook page. Being a Founder Member you will get the most support ever!

Although the price will go up for new members each time we launch, the price will stay the same for you forever!

I am very happy for you to contact me with any questions at [email protected] and if we need to jump onto a zoom call we can!

"Just wanted to let you know about my first week with Keynotes. Wow! It was perfect for my students. They are all returning students or siblings of returning students so I did not have to do a lot of "training" as to where to sit, how to sit, what to do at the piano, no running, or crying because mom is not coming in. They were ready for something new and the transition in to Keynotes was smooth. The parents were very pleased and also impressed that their little ones were now playing out of a book, sitting at their own piano plus required to practice 5 minutes every day! For me, as a teacher, Keynotes is less preparation time and no stress. Even my 10 year old nieces who assist me in class said this was SO MUCH EASIER"

Dorla Aparicio
Texas, US

Any of this sound familiar...

  • You can see the benefits of group piano, but have no idea where or how to deliver it.
  • You are concerned about the logistics of group piano, how to manage different rates of progression and make sure that every child is challenged and supported as they are in private lessons
  • You are already teaching group piano but you are spending WAY too much time planning your lessons from week to week
  • You have a solid set-up for young beginners but feel they are ready for a more formal curriculum (workbooks, pieces and home practice)
  • You need the backing of a program because you are finding it difficult to convince parents of your group offering without all the marketing and branding support that comes with an established program
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The KeyNotes Program will help you to:

Love Teaching

If you are confident with what you are offering you will grow to love your group teaching even more than you do now! You will have all of your current issues resolved and feel confident that you are giving your students the best piano experience possible.

Love Marketing

Ok, none of us really LOVE marketing. But with a brand behind you and lots of stock marketing materials, including photos, you will find marketing your lessons easier than ever. The aim is to get to being so full with word-of-mouth recommendations that you won't need to market anymore!

Love Groups

With the fun, the enthusiasm and the motivation that your students gain from your lessons, you will be completely convinced that offering groups is the best thing you could have done for you, your students, and their parents.

"Your work - writings - blogs - videos etc.are very powerful, life-changing for us music teachers. I am learning from you, thank you!! You have a great ability to bring structure to music teaching. Combined with loaded creativity and a supersense what children like. It helps a lot!!"

Birgit Otter

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