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Would you love to run group classes that are full of thriving students?

KeyNotes Music is the program you need. We have the training, materials and resources, so that you can deliver outstanding classes to your early stages, pre-school and adult students!


The KeyNotes Music Program

For Group Piano Teachers

Curriculum Materials

Workbooks for five different programs, games, technique exercises, composition, listening, singing, sight reading, theory books; everything you need to deliver a full program in your studio. 

Teacher Training

Group-specific teacher training is absolutely key to delivering high-quality and impactful classes. Our training program is thorough and covers all aspects of teaching groups.

Studio Resources

To fill your program you will need some great branding, images and marketing plans. You will also get support with admin and communications with parents through templates and PDFs.

Do any of these sound familiar?


You teach early years programs but your parents are asking for more

Parents understand that their children are ready to take on vast amounts of information from the age of four, and are looking for a more formal piano program to transition from their early years music classes.


You're teaching groups, but struggle with how to support students at different rates of progress

You want each student to thrive and meet their potential, but you also want to be able to add NEW students to groups after current students have already been learning for a while. (This is possible!).


You teach one-to-one, and want a way to increase your income but reduce your teaching time.

Do those beginner students really need you on their own? Or would they learn and enjoy a group setting more? How do you get started with groups? We've got you covered!

Can I do this on my own?

Maybe you thought you could plan your own group lessons, but you find that lesson planning takes way too much of your time.

Or maybe you're happy with your one-to-one method book, but find it doesn't work well in a group setting. After all, everyone wants to move through the book at different rates.

Perhaps you're just stuck with what to do next. You get that group learning will be great for you and your kids, but you don't know how to get started.

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The Ultimate group piano program, KeyNotes Music provides solutions 

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A Note From KeyNotes Founder, Melanie Bowes...


When I first started teaching group piano, having come from a school-teaching background, I could see immediately that a normal piano method book was not going to work in the group setting.

From the start, I witnessed differences in attention spans, understanding, and progress of skills, and knew I had to bring my classroom experience of differentiation into my group piano lessons.

I wondered how I could keep my classes at maximum capacity, since it was going to be impossible to add new students into the class throughout the year. This is where my cyclical curriculum came in, and what makes the KeyNotes program perfect for groups.

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Everything Group Classes Should be And MORE!

  • You'll get the training you need to teach, with the confidence that you are giving every individual student the teaching that they deserve.
  • You'll feel proud of your offering and feel the glow the comes with seeing your students thrive, both musically and socially.
  • You'll get all the materials and resources you need to make your lessons pedagogically sound, and super fun!
  • Your families will LOVE your group classes, knowing that their child is being nurtured as an individual but with the benefits of learning with their peers.
  • Your parents will get the support they need to help their children practice at home through practice videos and parent practice sheets.
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  • Teaching a thriving group piano program, with so many students that you have a waiting list.

  • Having all of your resources, plans, games in one place with consistency in learning and all materials. No more sporadic results from hodgepodge resources. 

  • Having the support of a community of teachers, all teaching the same programs as you, as well as unlimited cheerleading from the program founder.

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What's Included


#1 - Group Piano Programs

We've got your students covered. You'll have access to five different programs: Little KeyNotes (ages 4-5), Storytellers (age 6+ beginners), Foundations One, Foundations Two, and Progression. Each program lasts approximately 18 months.

NEW - we have just released a group program for adults!

#2 - Group Piano Training

Teach with confidence: Keynotes comes with training to support you in becoming the best group piano teacher possible! You'll love our trainings library and live monthly trainings.

#3 - Marketing Matters

Stop wasting time on marketing that doesn't work. Membership comes with access to customizable stock photos, Facebook and Instagram posts, leaflets and many other marketing materials, plus an exclusive training video with advice on how to fill your classes.

#4 - Admin Assist

Admin tasks got you down? No more! We'll teach you admin hacks and give you a system to drastically reduce your admin time. Support includes swipe files, templates and a 90-day free trial with My Music Staff. 

#5 - Games

No more searching for the perfect lesson activities. We understand that gamification is integral to learning: that's why every lesson comes with a specific game that reinforces lesson learning aims through images, topics, and stories.

#6 - Piano and theory resources

Our sight-reading sloths approaches sight reading ability in a fun way that builds up skills in steps. We also have sight reading relays and other games designed for group settings. Our new KeyTheory workbooks support students in being independent with their theory learning.

#7 - Accompaniments

You'll never need to spend time recording accompaniments again. All of our workbooks include sheet music so that you can accompany yourself, and a recorded version to play over your speakers.

#8 - NEW - Online Resources

Keep students engaged in-person and online. Our new online resources include PowerPoint presentations for our Little KeyNotes lessons and starter presentations for our Storytellers.

The Result? 


You will love teaching, your students will love learning and you can be confident that you are giving them the best start in their piano-learning journey.

The Result? 

You will love teaching, your students will love learning and you can be confident that you are giving them the best start in their piano-learning journey.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Emily Hilson

Last year, I cautiously entertained the idea of group piano classes. I'd been teaching private piano and baby/toddler music groups for years and was ready to start something more but wasn't sure which direction to take. I did extensive research on group piano curriculums and truly feel I've struck gold dust with KeyNotes! It suddenly clicked into place that this was the one for me. The progression, the differentiation, the workbooks, the support, the value, and most importantly the brilliant Melanie Bowes who provides so much - a constant stream of useful, supportive, interesting content - it's hard to keep up with her! If you'd asked me last term, I would've said there couldn't be a better service. But since Covid lockdown, she's stepped up her game with more and more weekly interactive content to use in our online lessons. I can highly recommend KeyNotes. The kids love it, the parents love it and I love it. I am happy to answer any questions from a licensee perspective. I say go for it. I certainly haven't looked back! 

Amy Rochelle

I would definitely recommend KeyNotes to anyone, it's a wonderful inclusive curriculum, Melanie is wonderful and supportive she continues to develop and grow the program and materials and this is a program that is ready to go from as soon as you join, there is pretty much nothing for you to do (however there is flexibility for you to adapt the lesson plans if you want to add in your own elements). The subscription price itself is a wonderful value!

Alison Dodd

I would whole-heartedly recommend Keynotes for group teaching. I was always uncertain about group piano, but mainly because I couldn't see the benefit for kids if they're basically just having 4 different private lessons at the same time. I LOVE Keynotes because it's real group piano. The kids are working together, learning a huge range of musical things, there's loads about ensemble playing. It's amazing, check it out. It really celebrates and makes the most of being in a group. And as a teacher, so much is provided in terms of materials, resources, training (there's a video for every lesson!), Practise sheets and videos to send home for parents. It's life-changing.

Is this Program for you?

Perfect for you if:

  • You're brand new to group piano and need help to get set up.
  • You already run groups and are having some issues with delivering your classes.
  • You want to teach a piano-specific curriculum to your pre-schoolers instead of general music. 
  • You find it hard to market your group lessons and need some strong messaging and branding for your studio.
  • You're ready and willing to learn to teach and deliver a new program.

Not for you if:

  • You only want to use a few resources alongside your current curriculum. 
  • You don't want to offer flexibility for learning styles and student progress. 
  • You aren't interested in teaching piano skills in your group programs. 
  • You aren't ready to take the necessary steps to move your business to the next level.
  • You want to keep procrastinating, being unproductive, and wasting time trying to figure things out for yourself. 

How does it work?


Submit Your Application

If you are a piano teacher and have a love of working with young children, we would love to have you apply to offer our program. 


Zoom Call with our Founder

Once you have submitted your application form, you'll be able to set up a call with our Founder to discuss your current situation and how you can move forwards with the KeyNotes Music Program.


Join the Program

No start-up fees or franchise costs. Our simple monthly subscription gives you access to everything you need to teach KeyNotes classes. The cost is currently $95.00 per month (or the equivalent in your currency) and won't go up for you, even if it does for new joiners in the future. 

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