KeyNotes Foundations Two - Ages 6+

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Film Music

KeyNotes Level 3.1

Film Music introduces the notes of the bass clef in addition to the consideration of how music is used in a variety of film genres. Students love play in the various styles and to compose their own piece for a Superhero movie!

Carnival of the Animals

KeyNotes Level 3.3

Students are inspired by this classic by Saint-Saens as they listen to each movement and describe how the composer has achieved his brief! They will then play versions of each animal, and even compose their own movement for their favourite animal!

Bass Clef Instruments

KeyNotes Level 3.2

Instruments of the bass clef are introduced through listening tasks and bass clef notation. Students love to learn about all the different instruments and you may even be able to give them an opportunity to try a few out!

Pictures at an Exhibition

KeyNotes Level 3.4

In this workbook, students are taken through the gallery that inspired Mussorgsky's great work. They will then draw their own pictures as inspired by the pieces they are learning, and finally compose their own piece to go with their final masterpiece!

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