KeyNotes Foundations One - Ages 6+

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The Gingerbread Man

KeyNotes Level 2.1

The Gingerbread Man is a perfect transition workbook to Level 2. It works alongside the Level 1 version so that you can have both levels in one class, or move a student to Level 2 mid-semester. Notes of the treble clef are introduced with a mix of labelled and non-labelled notation.

Nursery Rhymes

KeyNotes Level 2.3

Children love nursery rhymes and the fact that they already know the melodies helps them to focus on other learning points, such as reading treble clef notation. They also feel very proud at being able to perform the songs that they have been singing for a long time!

Treble Clef Instruments

KeyNotes Level 2.2

Instruments of the treble clef are introduced through listening tasks and treble clef notation. Students love to learn about all the different instruments and you may even be able to give them an opportunity to try a few out!

Folk Songs

KeyNotes Level 2.4

In the same vein as in Nursery Rhymes, learning songs that you already know allows for great progress to be made on the piano. There are a variety of traditional folk songs which students will love learning!

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