How many students should be in each class?

This is a matter of personal preference. Being an experienced High School teacher, I am happy with 8. I have the facilities to ensure there is one keyboard per student. However you may want to teach fewer at a time, or you may have fewer keyboards available.

What age can KeyNotes lessons start?

Children can begin KeyNotes lessons at age 4. They will be beginning to recognise letters (even if they only know them phonetically).

Can these lessons be taught in a one-to-one set-up?

Absolutely! Children love that the workbooks are based around a theme or story and teachers love the fact that children are gaining a more well-rounded music education in addition to learning the piano. We would suggest a lovely idea would be to have your one-to-one learners come together once a month or so to share their performances/learning and play as an ensemble.

What are the license options?

One-time use license: this license is a per-student printout and you will need one for each student in your class. You are only able to print the pdf once. Studio license: this license gives you unlimited printing and use of the workbooks, certificates and lesson plans.

How should I print the workbooks?

On purchase of both the studio and one-time license, you will be sent a pdf that you can print on a home/office computer. If you would like workbooks to be printed in a booklet format (i.e. by a commercial printer), contact us and we will send you the correct pdf to use. This is only applicable where a studio license has been purchased.

At what size are the workbooks and other documents set-up?

The US editions are all set-up at US Letter size. The UK editions are all set-up at A4 dimensions.

I bought some one-time use licenses and now want to upgrade to the studio license, is this possible?

Yes, please contact us and we will make arrangements.

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