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We are very excited to have presented at the Music & Drama Education Expo and hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did! This page is especially for Expo attendees and aims to  answer any questions you may have, and give some suggestions on how to progress with your group piano lessons. You will also find the link to the all-important Expo pricing offer!

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Alison Dodd

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Keynotes for group teaching. I was always uncertain about group piano, but mainly because I couldn't see the benefit for kids if they're basically just having 4 different private lessons at the same time. I LOVE Keynotes because it's real group piano. The kids are working together, learning a huge range of musical things, there's loads about ensemble playing. It's amazing, check it out. It really celebrates and makes the most of being in a group. And as a teacher, so much is provided in terms of materials, resources, training (there's a video for every lesson!), Practise sheets and videos to send home for parents. It's life-changing."


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If you want to begin teaching your own group piano lessons, we have all the resources, materials and support you need. If you join through this page you get 50% off the first month, saving £32.00

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Not quite ready? There are three ways you can ask questions, keep in touch or even dip your toe into the water:

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Email your questions! Melanie is looking forward to answering any specific questions that you have that are not covered in the FAQs above and is happy to set up a call with you if needed.

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Join our Facebook group of teachers! This is really for teachers who have a strong interest in offering KeyNotes, but would like to ask other teachers some questions before committing.

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